The Promise | Australian Diamond Story

When you purchase an Australian diamond you can wear it with pride, because not only do you know it’s been ethically sourced and responsibly produced by one of the world’s most trusted mines, you also know you’re getting a genuine diamond with a story and heritage like no other. Rio Tinto, a global industry leader with a reputation for trust and integrity towards its consumers, workers, communities and the environment, carefully traces the journey of your Australian diamonds through a unique tracking system.

Certified by independent auditors, this system stringently monitors every movement of these beautiful gems, from the moment they are unearthed responsibly at the Argyle Diamond Mine, until they are cut and polished and ultimately crafted into jewellery by expert diamantaires. That’s why each time you purchase a piece of jewellery made with these gems you will receive an Authenticity Card confirming that the diamonds contained in the jewellery have followed the rigorous standards of the tracking system as verified by the auditor.

While all reasonable efforts are made to ensure the results of the audit are correct, Rio Tinto does not offer any guarantees in this respect, having relied on third party information provided in compliance with their responsibilities as participants in the Chain of Custody programme.


Australian diamond jewellery is available internationally at selected jewellers. These brands are authorized by Rio Tinto to use the Australian Diamonds™ assurance mark, which means they are part of the stringent Chain of Custody that guarantees you are getting a genuine Australian diamond from the Argyle Diamond Mine.

Beautiful and versatile, Australian diamonds can be used in any design, from high-fashion and bespoke baubles, to everyday accessories. Be sure to ask your authorized jeweller to view their collections featuring Australian Diamonds.