The Journey


Natural, authentic and distinctive from the beginning, Australian diamonds carry the heritage of their Australian roots with them forever.

From the moment they are responsibly unearthed, Rio Tinto’s unique tracking system carefully monitors their journey as they are cut, polished, and crafted into beautiful jewellery.

Rough Diamond Mining

Australian diamonds originate from the Argyle Diamond Mine, where the rough diamonds are carefully extracted from the earth under the highest possible ethical, environmental and safety standards.

Diamond Sorting and Selection

Once the rough diamonds have been unearthed, they are assessed and sorted according to their naturally formed colour and characteristics, before being passed to highly trained polishers.

Diamond Cutting and Polishing

Diamantaires appointed by Rio Tinto expertly read the diamonds, understanding how best to cut and polish them, giving brilliant form to rough diamonds of all sizes and grades.

Jewellery Design & Manufacturing

Jewellery manufacturers selected by Rio Tinto apply their expert craftsmanship to create finished jewellery pieces that bring out the inherent qualities and beauty of the diamonds.

Jewellery Retailer

Australian diamond jewellery is available from authorised jewellers which have been selected by Rio Tinto to be part of its stringent Chain of Custody.

Purchasing Australian Diamonds

When you purchase an Australian diamond you will receive a unique Certificate of Authenticity from Rio Tinto that guarantees the provenance of your diamonds.

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